Indianapolis Business Litigation Attorneys

At some time or another, practically every business will encounter a situation that must be resolved in court. Regardless of the nature of the disagreement, it is essential to have a lawyer who has encountered that sort of situation in the past, and is equipped to handle it again.

The law firm of McClure McClure & Davis has employed experienced business litigation attorneys in Indianapolis for 45 years. Their lawyers understand the many ways that litigation might be the best course of action to take — and when it is best avoided.

Why Would I Need An Experienced Litigator?

When a business in Indiana is running on all cylinders, the idea that something disruptive might come along might seem remote. However, the possibility of litigation is always something that businesses should be prepared to deal with.

It may also be necessary for a business to initiate litigation in order to resolve a conflict, such as a contract dispute, with another party. If another business is not living up to agreed-upon terms for goods or services, litigation might be the only way to enforce the terms of the deal.

An internal dispute might also lead to litigation. The death of one of the members of a partnership could lead to legal action. If a partner wants to be bought out but a suitable amount can't be agreed upon, the dispute could end up in court. Similarly, a company's shareholders might argue that its directors are guilty of a breach of their fiduciary duty and bring a lawsuit as a result.

Work With Someone Who Understands Your Business Needs

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