Indianapolis Employment Law Attorneys

Attorneys at the law firm of McClure McClure & Davis know that any number of issues can arise between employers and their employees or former employees. The firm is committed to protecting the interests of companies that could face issues such as noncompete agreements, discrimination or sexual harassment involving their workers.

A business has a great deal to lose if it is facing a suit brought by a former employee. Aside from a financial penalty, a company that finds itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit involving issues such as sexual harassment or EEOC discrimination cases could have a public relations disaster on its hands as well.

Make Sure You Give Yourself The Best Chance At Winning

McClure McClure & Davis has some of the best employment lawyers in Indianapolis. It is crucial for a business to respond decisively to an issue brought by one of its current or former employees by working with an experienced firm such as McClure McClure & Davis.

Issues that could arise include:

  • Noncompete agreements. Ex-employees bound to noncompete agreements may attempt to change the terms.
  • Contract enforcement. Making sure that contracts are upheld is a cornerstone for any business.
  • Discrimination. These could include cases where a current or former worker is alleging discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and disability status, just to name a few.
  • Retaliation. Employees may claim they were sanctioned or fired for speaking out.

Contact An Attorney About Your Case

Indiana employers who are facing accusations made by past or present employees need to make sure that their interests are protected. Contact the law firm of McClure McClure & Davis online, or by phone at 866-484-0859 or 317-489-0871.