Indianapolis Estate Administration Lawyers

After the death of a loved one, family members will have many questions. Will the estate have to go through probate? What do I do if I am named as the administrator of the estate? What steps do I need to take if I am considering contesting a will?

The lawyers of McClure McClure & Davis have handled estate administration matters for a wide range of clients for many years. The trust their clients place in them informs their decisions, and leads to long-term relationships.

Many business law clients feel a sense of assurance that the same firm is able to handle their estate administration issues, such as probating estates, as well as their business litigation matters.

Feel Secure In Our Legal Knowledge

It is a misconception that probate must be handled by the law firm where a will was drawn up. In fact, other estate administration attorneys in Indianapolis, such as those at McClure McClure & Davis, can handle the tasks that arise in this situation, regardless of any prior relationship — or lack thereof — with a particular firm.

The attorneys at the firm are experienced in handling a broad spectrum of estate administration issues. Some of these include:

  • Will contests
  • Disputes among beneficiaries
  • Challenging the validity of a trust
  • Guiding an estate through the probate process

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