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Appellate Law Case Do’s And Don’ts

appellate lawWhen you have lost a case, it is important to remember the appeals process may be vastly different than what was involved with your initial case. Because of this, you will need to work with your attorneys to make sure you understand each step of your appeal and the impact it may have on your case. Since there are many do’s and don’ts associated with appellate law cases, place your trust in experienced Indianapolis IN appellate lawyers at McClure McClure & Davis.


Do Pay Attention to Deadlines

Once you decide to appeal a case, make sure you and your attorneys are aware of the deadlines associated with filing motions and arguing your case in hearings before the appellate court. Since oral arguments in these cases are ultimately what will make or break your case, never take this for granted.


Don’t Try to Introduce New Evidence

At an appellate hearing, this is not the time to suddenly tell your attorney of new evidence you may have regarding your case. In these situations, the appellate court will examine the circumstances of your case and thus make a ruling. Should it find in your favor, it will likely send the case back to the lower court for additional scrutiny or a new trial.


Do Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Should you appeal a case, always make sure the lawyer who is in charge of your case has experience handling such matters and also presenting oral arguments before an appellate panel of judges. Otherwise, you will have little chance of ultimately winning your case.


Since it can be a long and arduous process to appeal a court case, always rely on attorneys who have a track record of success with these matters. To give yourself the best possible chance of a successful outcome, consult soon with Indianapolis IN appellate lawyers at McClure McClure & Davis.

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