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April Showers Leave Slippery Sidewalks! How To Stay Safe

slippery sidewalkWhile April showers may bring May flowers, they also bring slippery sidewalks. Unfortunately, this results in numerous slip and fall accidents each year, leaving victims with broken bones, cuts and bruises, and even concussions or traumatic brain injuries. When these accidents take place, it is crucial victims receive maximum compensation for their injuries. But to get that compensation, victims must know who to hold responsible for their accident. To get the information you need for these situations, rely on Indianapolis IN slip and fall lawyers at McClure McClure & Davis.


Businesses and Homeowners

In most of these accidents, it is the business owner or homeowner who is held responsible. Though sidewalks are technically the property of the town or city, business owners and homeowners are deemed to be responsible for accidents occurring on sidewalks that run adjacent to their property. Therefore, they are responsible for keeping these areas clean and free of snow, ice, and standing water that could lead to people slipping and falling.


Negligence and Carelessness

To make sure you stay safe while walking on sidewalks, always look for any cracks, uneven pavement, or snow, ice, and water that could hinder your ability to not slip and fall. In many of these accidents, courts may rule that a business owner, homeowner, or even the town or city government was negligent and careless in its upkeep of the sidewalk. Should this happen, you may find yourself able to gain compensation for medical bills, lost wages from being unable to return to work, and pain and suffering resulting from the accident.


Rather than simply live with your injuries and the ensuing financial hardships that are sure to follow, hold those responsible for your slip and fall accident accountable for their actions. To do so, schedule a consultation today with Indianapolis IN slip and fall lawyers at McClure McClure & Davis.

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