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Modifying Your Business Do’s and Don’ts

All businesses are interested in making improvements along the way as their operation grows but knowing exactly what to do can be challenging. Increased sales and new additions are usually the focus but making changes can also have unforeseen outside ramifications. New responsibilities could be the ultimate result, and especially when legal issues could arise… Read more »

Changes in Management? How to Help Keep Your Employees Happy

Sometimes, a change in management is needed to keep a company afloat and thriving. However, management changes can be a challenge for employees, and it’s easy for employees to feel lost or left behind. Here are some of the ways to keep employees happy while management is undergoing a transformation. Involve Employees One of the… Read more »

Tips for Modifying Your Business Plan

Essentially, a business plan is created to allow companies to develop effective organizational strategies, set realistic and achievable goals, and contingency plans. Additionally, business plans are an essential part of finding investors because they show that you are serious about your company and know what it takes in order for it to be a success…. Read more »

Business Legal Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Businesses can benefit from consistent consultation with an Indianapolis business law firm. By working with experienced attorneys, business will know how to best respond to legal issues. An attorney can also help implement safeguards to protect against costly litigation in the future. For answers to your business legal questions, contact McClure McClure & Davis. What… Read more »

Employer/Employee Disputes: Discuss with an Attorney

Disputes between employers and employees may involve specific laws and procedures that must be followed. When handling these issues, it is important to seek out legal advice to know what to do. The Indianapolis employment attorneys from McClure McClure & Davis can assist with employer/employee disputes and provide representation. What are some employer/employee disputes that… Read more »

Business Management Changes: What to Do Next

Are you currently considering a business management change? Now is the time that you need to contact a firm of expert business attorneys in Indianapolis. We can help you negotiate a settlement with the other party that can help you avoid having to go through a long, contentious, and potentially costly legal battle. The time… Read more »

Day-to-Day Business Disputes & How to Handle Them

Are you currently locked in a business dispute? The dispute may be with a partner, employee, or other business owner. You can hire a business law firm in Indianapolis IN to help resolve your dispute in a timely and cost-effective manner. How Can Indianapolis Business Attorneys Help You? McClure McClure & Davis are the leading… Read more »

Problems with Employees? When to Talk to an Attorney

Are you currently in the midst of a serious employee dispute? Your employee may be claiming breach of contract, unfair working conditions, racial or sexual discrimination, or any other number of potential violations. If this is the case, you need to take action right away. Your best bet will be to seek legal aid and… Read more »

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