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Consequences That Could Come In A Civil Litigation Case

When you are involved in a civil litigation case, it can be a complex and confusing process. While some cases are settled inside a courtroom, others are settled via out-of-court negotiations. Since these cases can involve a variety of disputes including personal injury and many others, it is important you be aware of the potential consequences that could result from this litigation. If you are considering civil litigation or are having such a case directed at you, consult with our Indiana litigation attorney at McClure McClure & Davis.

Financial Consequences
First and foremost, being on the losing end of a civil litigation case often means you will be expected to pay significant damages to the plaintiff. Depending on whether your case was decided by a jury or was settled out-of-court, these damages could be large and be difficult if not impossible for you to pay. Therefore, if facing the prospects of civil litigation, it is usually far better to attempt to reach an out-of-court settlement, since these are often much more reasonable.

Court Orders to Change Behavior
In addition to financial consequences, civil litigation cases sometimes have a judge ordering certain changes to an individual’s or company’s behavior. This may include changes to personal conduct, company policies, or other similar areas. Depending on the situation involved in the case, these changes may prove to be costly to implement. Because of this, carefully consider the pros and cons that could result prior to filing a civil litigation case.

Personal Embarrassment
Finally, civil litigation cases can sometimes result in extreme personal embarrassment to you and your family members. In many cases of this nature, numerous personal details may be exposed in court, and will thus become matters of public record.

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