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Everything you need to know about starting a home business

home businessDon’t Start A Home-Based Business Before Reading This

Home-based businesses are proliferating due, in part, to the need for social distancing because of the pandemic. Whatever your reason for starting a home-based business, the following information may provide insights as to the legal requirements for home businesses and how to ensure that your business is compliant with local and state laws and codes.

Type of Business

Businesses that don’t require walk-in trade, such as teleservice, or minimal walk-in clientele, such as a bookkeeping service, are usually allowed by local zoning laws. Others, such as a retail business or an automotive repair business, may not be allowed, so it’s important to determine the type of zoning in your area before deciding on a business. If you rent, then you need to ensure that your lease permits you to work from home.


A business license is usually required by both city and county law. If you have a service business, such as carpet cleaning, then you may be required to have a license for each city in which you work. A business license also lends credibility to your business and indicates to customers that you’re reputable and don’t take legal shortcuts.


Business insurance is vital, particularly for service businesses, and can protect not only your business but your personal property from lawsuits. Liability insurance will cover you from incidental damage, but only insofar as it’s not caused by professional negligence.

Professional Legal Advice

No matter the type of business you open in Indiana, you’ll need the services of an Indiana business lawyer. If you need a business lawyer in Indianapolis, then be sure to call McClure McClure & Davis first, particularly if you’re establishing a partnership or a corporation. A corporation, whether it’s small or large, is subject to state laws and regulations that are different than those of a partnership or a sole proprietorship. Only an attorney will be cognizant of the details of Indianapolis business law, so don’t endeavor to do this without a business lawyer in Indianapolis. Your attorney can help prevent problems before they arise, so be sure to contact McClure McClure & Davis at 866-484-0589 for all of your business law needs.  

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