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How a Lawyer Helps When Merging a Business

mcclure for business attorneyWhen two businesses want to merge, this decision can be beneficial in many ways. Before the businessowners can enjoy the benefits of this choice, they should first make sure that they have done all the necessary legal work to make the merge legally compliant. If not, they can face many consequences down the road, including loss of profits. Before the final decision is made to merger two businesses, Indianapolis business attorneys should be consulted. When an attorney is involved, they can do the legal work that is needed to make the merge complete. At McClure McClure & Davis, our professionals will work with you and your prospective business partner to review your obligations to so that you can join your businesses.

Attorneys and Business Merging

4Along with the many steps to take for two businesses to merge should be securing legal counsel for this decision. There are many reasons why this is important, but a few of the main reasons include contract review, business formation, and business registration.

Contract Review

When two companies join, there is a contract that will need to be signed to show that both owners agree to the merge. This document will list the terms and conditions of the merge and will show how responsibilities should be handled. If there needs to be any negotiation, Indianapolis business attorneys will help with that as well.

Business Formation

If the businesses have been formed under different categories, an attorney will help you both to determine the category that it should be filed under based on your merger.

Business Registration

After all parts have been agreed on, the business has to be registered so that it can begin to operate. A lawyer will handle the necessary forms for this part of the merger.

Let McClure McClure & Davis assist you and your partner with joining your businesses.

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