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Planning To Divorce? How We Can Help

upset couplesSadly, some marriages end in divorce and the couple must prepare to go through the steps of this process. As a divorcing spouse, it is important to be sure that you have all the necessary information to be able to follow through with your decision. Before gathering documents it is best to contact an Indianapolis family law firm for guidance. A family law attorney Indianapolis will advise you of all the steps you need to take and how you should communicate with your ex-spouse while the divorce takes place.

Planning for a Divorce

Planning for a divorce is not easy, but it’s important to go through the difficult steps to ensure that you have protected yourself. The following list should be prioritized as you initiate the divorce:

  • Counseling. Before a court will issue a final judgement on a divorce, the judge will likely order that the couple attempts to have counseling in hopes of reconciling. This will give each of you a chance to think through this decision and to determine if it’s possible to work through your problems. If this does not work, then the divorce can proceed.
  • Legal Documents. Any legal documents that have you and your ex-spouse listed together should be saved in a safe space. In the event that any of these documents are needed, you will already have a copy in your records.
  • Bank Accounts. Many couples have joint accounts which can be difficult to manage once a divorce is initiated. If you do not have your own account or credit card, it is best to get one as soon as you can. This way you’re the only one who can access your money and your credit.

The choice to hire an attorney helps to ensure you have done the needful on your end. Family lawyers in Indianapolis will thoroughly explain each step and draft all necessary documents and forms to submit to the court.

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