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Indianapolis Business Lawyers

Business operations will necessarily invoke some type of legal questions that arise during the course of business. This may include issues related to the operation of the business, liability, ownership and management, restructuring, employer/employee relations, and any other questions that invokes legal questions. To ensure that you understand your options and handle the issues appropriately, you should consult with Indianapolis business lawyers from McClure McClure & Davis for your business law questions.

Business formation, modification and restructuring

Many business entities need assistance related to the type of business and its ownership. If you are starting a business, we can help you determine which type of entity will best suit your needs, such as a limited liability company, partnership, or corporation.

If you are an existing entity, then we can help you make any necessary modifications to your business plan to address issues or improve your operations. If there are changes in management or ownership that are needed, then we can help prepare comprehensive legal documents that will ensure a smooth transition.

In today’s world, business often acquire or merge with other businesses. These situations can be complex, but an attorney can help ensure that there are no issues and that everything is done legally.

Day-to-day legal questions

A business will often have legal questions that arise from everyday situations. A business law attorney can help provide advice about how to respond to certain issues. By having access to this legal advice, you can prevent small issues from developing into more complex and expensive problems.

An attorney can also assist with questions related to employer/employee disputes, such as benefits questions, employee disciplinary actions, hiring, termination, etc.

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Our Indianapolis business lawyers have experience assisting business with a variety of legal issues. We are available to provide legal advice and representation. Contact us to learn more.