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Terminating an Employee? How an Attorney Helps

employee terminationEmployment laws can be tricky in some situations. A conscientious employer can overlook many important details. Indianapolis employment dispute attorneys are experts. McClure McClure & Davis can help you handle difficult employment decisions.


Avoid Financial Issues

Terminating an employee can be an emotional experience for the employee. A disgruntled employee may threaten to sue your company. If the termination is illegal, the employee might have a reasonable claim. Your attorney can help you minimize the risk of litigation. If an employee has stock options or unused benefits, he may request financial compensation in a lawsuit. Sometimes, money is not an issue for the employee or the employer. The worker might be protected by employment laws if he has recently filed a complaint with a government agency. The employee can sue your company if he is in a protected class. Excessive absences may be covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act. The Americans with Disabilities Act may cover accommodations in your workplace.


Analyze Important Documents

Indianapolis IN employment dispute attorneys can review your contracts and employee agreements. McClure McClure & Davis can look for problematic language in your contracts. A lawyer can help you navigate your current and future terminations. You will need to consider severance pay and contracts for new workers. You can also ask your attorney to review your employer handbook and company policies. Your lawyer can make sure that your policies are concise and legal.


A termination lawsuit can damage a successful company. Let Indianapolis employment dispute attorneys handle your important legal work. Your attorney will help you maintain your reputation while you are dealing with a complicated situation. You can have peace of mind while the lawyers interpret the legal jargon. Call McClure McClure & Davis today for a consultation.

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