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What A Paternity Case Could Look Like

Whenever it is called into question as to whom may be the biological father of a child, a paternity case often results. Happening when child support, adoption, health care, and inheritances are being discussed, establishing paternity can be more difficult than people believe. If you need to know what may be involved in a paternity case, schedule a consultation with family attorneys in Indianapolis at McClure McClure & Davis.

Establishing Paternity
Since the establishment of paternity is a civil matter, standards vary among states. While some demand “preponderance of the evidence,” others require “clear and compelling evidence.” However, with advances that have been made with scientific testing, establishing paternity has become easier in recent years.

DNA Testing
When one party decides to contest allegations of paternity, DNA testing is often ordered by the court. This is often used in child support disputes, since the alleged father may be refusing to pay child support until it is proven without a doubt the child is in fact his own. If you have questions about this process, speak with Indianapolis paternity lawyers.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity
Along with a child knowing who his or her biological father is without a doubt, the child’s mother can also benefit by having the evidence needed for child support payments. As for the father, they may position themselves to be awarded custody of the child if the court orders custodial rights removed from the mother or if the mother dies. In most of these instances, the biological father will be given preference over grandparents or couples who may be considering adopting the child.

Since what may seem like the simplest of paternity cases may contain many complex issues, always have family attorneys in Indianapolis on your side. Therefore, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation today with Indianapolis paternity lawyers at McClure McClure & Davis.

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