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Why You May Need an Attorney When Dealing with Business Day-to-Day Disputes

attorney for businessAn unfortunate part of running a business is dealing with the variety of disagreements that arise. Customers, vendors, government offices…these can all create disputes that can grind your productivity to a halt just to address. While it may be tempting to tend to each of these as the business owner, some issues can maybe even paralyze your company if not handled adequately (particularly with government regulatory agencies). McClure McClure & Davis, Indianapolis business law attorneys, can help ensure that nothing halts your business.

When Dealing with the Government

Federal, state, and local governments are notorious for being bureaucratic nightmares to navigate. What’s more, making an innocent mistake on certain forms can be considered an attempt to defraud the government and be punishable by law. By missing a step that wasn’t detailed in the general instructions often provided during a major process, an application could be void resulting in not getting a crucial license with a penalty prohibiting even applying again for a set amount of time.

Similarly, during any law enforcement investigation, you will want to be protected from the beginning rather than waiting until mistakes were made and later hoping that an attorney can fix them.

When Dealing with Real Value

If damages were high in value, a misstep in trying to pursue this can keep you from collecting anything. It is always best to chase these remedies by the book, particularly to garner favor with any mediator or judge that might have to get involved.

The Indianapolis business law attorneys at McClure McClure & Davis can assist with handling these day-to-day disputes, as well as many others. We strive to find cost-effective ways to protect your business. Contact us to learn what we can do for you!

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