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Why You Should Talk to a Lawyer Before Restructuring Your Business

Are you planning on restructuring your business? There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind as you do so. Chief among them is the fact that, if you aren’t careful, your plans may ruffle some feathers. If you don’t have control over the situation from the start, it may even end in litigation.

talking to lawyer before restructuringWhat Are Some Common Restructuring Issues?

There are many potential side effects of restructuring your business without first contacting a lawyer. Chief among them is the risk of angering a partner, employee, or client to the point where they may feel the need to file a claim against you.

The issues may arise from a dispute over severance pay or an expected payout to a soon to be former partner or employee. It may also come from a perception on the part of your partners or employees that your proposed restructuring will harm them in some way. This may be financial, or it may be perceived as a blow to their reputation.

There is also the possibility that your restructuring plans may be perceived as a violation of the original agreement that you had with your partners. If this is the case, they may try to block your plans by challenging you in court.

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