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Legal Guidance And Representation For Indianapolis-Based Businesses

Businesses in and around Indianapolis will ultimately face legal questions or disputes. Those may include business operations, liability, ownership, restructuring, employer/employee relations and other legally delicate scenarios. At McClure McClure & Davis, we can help you understand your options and handle these situations appropriately.

Business Formation, Modification And Restructuring

Many organizations need assistance related to business structure and ownership. If you are starting a business, we can help you determine which entity best suits your needs, such as an LLC, partnership or corporation.

We can help modify your business plan to address issues or improve operations if you are an existing entity. If management and ownership changes are needed, we can help prepare comprehensive legal documents to ensure a smooth transition.

In today’s world, businesses often acquire or merge with other companies. These situations can be complex, but our attorneys can help limit issues and ensure everything is done legally.

Day-To-Day Legal Questions

A business will often have legal questions that arise from everyday situations. A business law attorney can advise on how to respond to specific issues. By accessing this legal advice, you can prevent minor issues from becoming complex and expensive problems.

Our attorneys can also answer employer/employee disputes related to benefits, employee disciplinary actions, hiring, termination and more.

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