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Buying property is unlike any other purchase for the typical consumer. The legalities associated with property ownership are complicated to a specific degree and all elements of a property transfer must be duly recorded. All property owners will also have annual tax obligations to meet in order to maintain control of any purchased property. Legal issues also apply when property is being transferred through inheritance or foreclosure, and it is always vital to have experienced representation by Indianapolis, Indiana, real estate attorneys like the legal pros at McClure McClure & Davis.


While many people think a real estate agent is the best assistant when looking for property to buy, attorneys can actually provide better information because they have no interest in the sale. Their focus is ensuring the client understands all potential legal problems such as a poorly drafted purchase contract. This is especially true when the owner is financing the sale, as private purchase agreements are often structured to favor the owner. Attorneys can also be helpful when a property needs investigating for any prior associated problems or when third-party financing will be needed for a purchase.


Purchases are not the only property actions that require solid legal advice and representation, and foreclosures are first among those predicaments. Everyone who is having problems meeting mortgage obligations wants to avoid foreclosure at all costs, and a real estate attorney can often help stop the problem before it actually manifests. Foreclosures by a financial institution can often be avoided when a alternate agreement can be finalized, and foreclosures by private property owners can leave the purchaser vulnerable regarding enforcement of their legal rights. A real estate attorney understands when unscrupulous actions are taken and can ensure enforcement of all purchaser rights.

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It is not necessary to have legal representation when buying or selling property but handling the transaction without an attorney is never advised. The best method of protecting your personal interest is calling McClure McClure & Davis in Indianapolis.